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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Thursday Five!

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I've always enjoyed reading this meme so I'm super excited to be
participating in it for the first time!

To participate, go to MannLands and link up after you post your own!

I just have to post 5 things that have made me...






So here goes.

1. I got a ton of housework done today that's been building up for quite a while so
that makes me very happy & peaceful. I had to throw in another
adjective, sorry.

2. My son's picture was in a newspaper after he was in his 5th parade in a celtic pipe band,
he was front & center and with the cutest look of concentration,
makes me so giddy for him. His last parade for the year is on Sunday but I work :(

3. I'm so joyful that I'm trying something new with starting a blog!

4. I'm excited that I have the next 2 weekends off after the holiday! (even if I did have to work 2 in a row before that!)

5. I'm so appreciate of my husband, even if I don't always show it. He's a great daddy and husband, I just don't always speak up and say it.

Sorry this is so late in the day, I've been cleanin like a mad woman all day, just got a chance to get on the computer now.


jenn@peacelovemommy said...

weekends off being in retail are the bestest!!! have a great weekend!

Megan said...

i wish it was this holiday weekend but oh well :P i had to switch with my cashier for her vaca so i worked 2 weekends and now ill be off the two after this one :) thanks and you have a great vaca!!!