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Monday, November 29, 2010

"World's Best Origami" Book Review & Giveaway!

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Remember folding paper into a hand-held fortune teller, paper airplane or secret note square? Whether a fortune teller novice or a seasoned paper-folding expert, the new book World's Best Origami (ISBN: 9781615640539, Alpha Books, November 2010, $19.95) challenges readers with more than 100 of the most unique and best-loved origami patterns ever created.

Professional origami artist, Nick Robinson, guides readers through the process of folding paper. Projects are rated from beginner to advanced and include everything from the traditional swan and poppy box to truly amazing pieces such as a geodetic tower and a jet plane! Each diagram is clearly displayed with easy-to-understand folding instructions for a perfect outcome every time. 

The book teaches readers how to:
-          Choose the best paper for the project
-     Make basic folds and perfect creases
-     Follow clear and simple folding instructions for a successful project outcome
-          Gain an understanding  of origami symbols

 My Opinion:
I was very impressed with the size of the book, especially for the price.
I loved how each origami fold is rated so you know which ones are good to start with & which are a challenge.
I found the book very intriguing. I've always had an interest in origami so I'm very excited to receive this book!
I tried a couple of the simpler folds to start out & did great! I can't wait to do more.

About the Author: Nick Robinson (London, England, UK) is a professional origami artist and author who has been folding paper for 30 years. A member of the British Origami Society who edits its magazine and maintains its website, Nick has written over 30 books on origami, as well as numerous articles, and done several commercial and charitable origami commissions involving origami and paper art over the last 20 years. Nick has created several hundred original designs and teaches origami in schools, arts centers, and many other venues. 


World's Best Origami is sold for $19.95


Alpha Books has been soo very generous to offer one of my lucky readers a copy of this fabulous World's Best Origami book!

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Contest open to US readers 18+
Contest ends Dec 20th at 10pm EST.
Winner will be chosen via random.org & emailed.
Please make sure your email is available.
If after 48 hrs, there is no response, a new winner will be chosen. 

Alpha Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., publishes high- quality lifestyle and reference books in 30 different categories. The Complete Idiot's Guides®, Alpha Teach Yourself in 24 Hours, At Your Fingertips-- as well as other series and stand-alone titles -- provide helpful how-to information and general knowledge in an easily accessible manner.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

All I want for Christmas is

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Well the stomach bug that visited this house & tortured me & my youngest has gone away but it lasted way too long! I was sick for a good 36 hrs (hey, whatever happened to stomach bugs lasting 24??) Luckily, Noah only had it for 12 hrs but it was miserable for the poor lil guy. I was glad that no one else caught it or it would have cost me my Thanksgiving holiday. I did end up getting 3 days off in a row because of it though...not sure if that's good or bad. Got to use some of my sick time though! Haha.

So I didn't do any of the crazy black friday junk. I just DON'T. Dont' care, that is. I have much more important things to do at 4am...like sleep in my nice cozy bed that I just bought some warrrrrm flannel sheets for last night! Yummm. I haven't had flannel sheets since I was a teenager, I'm psyched. Such a difference from the crispy stuff when it's cold out.

I've gotten the kids most of their presents. I'm just kinda wingin' it. I worked yesterday on Black Friday at Walmart but didn't come in until 9am so I figured most of the good stuff was gone. Boy was I wrong (kinda. Maybe I should have gotten their earlier for a $20 scanner/printer because mine just broke!!). Right there smack in front of the pharmacy was 2 remaining 12" Boys Bikes for only $29!! I was so psyched. I've been needing to get Chris a bike (he still rides a metal red tricycle fit for a 2 yr old) but I haven't had the extra $60-$90 for one. I couldn't believe it was so cheap & I even got my 20% discount! Scoooore.

I still need to find a "big" present for Noah but he really doesn't want anything & it's frustrating. Also, his birthday is 8 days before Christmas so I'm wondering how the heck I'm gonna get enough presents for Christmas, let alone his birthday. Luckily he's only turning 2 because I'm clueless & he won't even care what he gets. He pretty much just loves TRUCKS & well....you can only have so many trucks!

And mama? Well, I've got a few things on my list but I don't think anyone will get them for me this year. Guess it can stay there! Oh well. My biggest wishes....
  1. Ugg boots :) And probably some skinny jeans or leggings to pair with em.
  2. A netbook/laptop. I'm not sure which is better or whatever but I"d just like something I can take where I go.
  3. A baby GIRL! :) Guess no one can help me on that one....
  4. Oh & maybe some new clothes.
That's pretty much it...I'm not too big into wanting things these days. I just like to see my boys happy & entertained! LOL

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!! And a little announcement....

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Today was fabulous. Hope yours was too!!

We spent the day with Nana & Papa.
I cooked some green bean casserole that I've been craving & ate way too much of it.

We watched Harry & The Hendersons, played Wii Bowling & had a relaxing day.

I'm so very thankful for my family, small as it is. I love my kids soooo very much.
I'm thankful for my job that gives me the means to buy food & clothing & toys for my boys.
Oh & I wanted to finally announce....

I'm expecting again!!
Very very unexpected indeed but still happening. Yes, I'm still kinda in shock just a little bit.

I am SOO hoping for a girl this time. Not that I couldn't have 3 amazing little guys around here but for once, I'd like to have some pink stuff laying around & someone to play Barbies with :) (I mean, so I don't have to do it alone, HA)

I'm due July 10th & will keep everyone updated on the little bean in the belly. So far, the morning sickness is the biggest pain in my butt & I can't wait til it's over!!

Another giveaway coming soon....stay tuned!!

Oh & if you haven't entered, please go enter my Calabassas Candy Giveaway! Perfect for a Christmas gift, ends Dec 1st!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Calabasas Candy Review & Giveaway

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I was browsing Etsy.com & came across this gem of a shop.

Unique, HANDmade candies & truffles. Yuuuuum.

So I contacted Cheri of Calabasas Candy & asked if I could plleeeeease sample some of her delish merchandise. She agreed & BOY was it amazing.

She sent me a nice bag full of Lavendar Caramels, soo good!! I received them wrapped up so pretty, with a ribbon tying them closed.

Cheri makes all these candies by herself! Here's an excerpt from her etsy profile...

My name is Cheri mother of two and married to my
wonderful husband! I'm a self taught artist who has always loved art and cooking. In my first business I combined the two and started out my career as a caterer specializing in hors d' overes. After catering, I just concentrated on art and became a designer of gift items and jewelry for many years.

Last year I retired from designing and returned to my other love which is cooking. I started making candies as gifts for friends and family. When I gave some to the school counselor, she said that I had missed my calling and should make candies for a living. Well, I decided to listen to her, but did'nt know where I would sell them. My daughter told me about Etsy and set up a shop for me. I really love selling on Etsy and all the wonderful customers and friends I have made. Fellow sellers and customers have been so helpful and encouraging along the way. Thank you so much for visting my shop!

 I'm telling you, these would make fabulous Christmas gifts....

Yeah, I bet you're craving some now, aren't you??

Prices start at just $5 and go up from there, so many treats to choose from!


Yes, Cheri has been SO generous as to give away
1 bag of marshmallows
1/4 lb caramel bar
1/4 lb nougat bar

A $22 value all gift wrapped!

You can eat it all yourself or give it as a unique & tasty gift.

Wayyyys to win....
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**Mandatory Entry- Head over to Calabasas Candy etsy shop & come back here to let me know what  you'd like to try the most

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Monday, November 8, 2010

The rain just keeps falling....

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More shocking news to my life.

i still can't share....too many people that I know read this. hehe! (thanks for reading!)

im just wondering where the "off" switch is for all the stress that keeps falling into my life.

i dont know what i would do without my mom, i really have no idea. she keeps me grounded & takes better care of me than anyone else.

i need her more than ever right now.


i'm off work tomorrow & the next day, thank goodness!!

i've had some type of throat/chest cold goin on & it keeps gettin worse everyday i have to be at work talkin to customers. i keep having coughing fits & have to leave the customer standing to go drink some water...makes me feel stupid, lol.

tomorrow, chris has to go get fillings! i cant believe it. i dont know why, we brush his teeth very well. and leonel has never ever had a cavity (he's 23) & i only got them after pregnancies (when i was 19). so its odd that he has 2 cavities already! i hope he's not too scared & it doesnt hurt. they aren't giving any type of cooky gas or novocaine...so we'll see!

im having a very hard time coming up with things to say on here. my life has taken a drastic turn & most things, i dont particularly want to go into detail about for now. maybe later, i will. sorry for the fans im losing. please stick around!

Love always!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another CSN review!!

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I <3 CSN stores! They have the most amazing variety, it's almost impossible to narrow down just what you might want. Their customer service is impeccable & I'm all around impressed.

I did a review for CSN just last month & they have given me the awesome opportunity to do another so of course I jumped on it!

I've been admiring their gorgeous drop leaf tables they have. C'mon, tell me they aren't to die for! I'm in desperate need for a new table but I dunno if I can scrounge up the cash anytime in the near future. *sigh*

As you may remember, while choosing what I would get for my last review, I won a gift card for CSN from another blog! How awesome.

I got an amazing new diaper bag & let me be honest, had a little mix-up with CSN. They sent me the same print, same brand but wrong "style" of Skip Hop diaper bag. But you know what, CSN stores made the exchange policy the simplest I've ever seen. They sent me the correct bag right away & I got it in 2 days! They had UPS pick-up the incorrect bag for no charge. Like I said, impeccable service!
Isn't it so cute???


Their shipping is super quick! Everything I ordered came within a few days. No other site has ever done that!

I can't say enough about CSN! Head on over & visit their site of over 200+ stores!