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Saturday, November 27, 2010

All I want for Christmas is

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Well the stomach bug that visited this house & tortured me & my youngest has gone away but it lasted way too long! I was sick for a good 36 hrs (hey, whatever happened to stomach bugs lasting 24??) Luckily, Noah only had it for 12 hrs but it was miserable for the poor lil guy. I was glad that no one else caught it or it would have cost me my Thanksgiving holiday. I did end up getting 3 days off in a row because of it though...not sure if that's good or bad. Got to use some of my sick time though! Haha.

So I didn't do any of the crazy black friday junk. I just DON'T. Dont' care, that is. I have much more important things to do at 4am...like sleep in my nice cozy bed that I just bought some warrrrrm flannel sheets for last night! Yummm. I haven't had flannel sheets since I was a teenager, I'm psyched. Such a difference from the crispy stuff when it's cold out.

I've gotten the kids most of their presents. I'm just kinda wingin' it. I worked yesterday on Black Friday at Walmart but didn't come in until 9am so I figured most of the good stuff was gone. Boy was I wrong (kinda. Maybe I should have gotten their earlier for a $20 scanner/printer because mine just broke!!). Right there smack in front of the pharmacy was 2 remaining 12" Boys Bikes for only $29!! I was so psyched. I've been needing to get Chris a bike (he still rides a metal red tricycle fit for a 2 yr old) but I haven't had the extra $60-$90 for one. I couldn't believe it was so cheap & I even got my 20% discount! Scoooore.

I still need to find a "big" present for Noah but he really doesn't want anything & it's frustrating. Also, his birthday is 8 days before Christmas so I'm wondering how the heck I'm gonna get enough presents for Christmas, let alone his birthday. Luckily he's only turning 2 because I'm clueless & he won't even care what he gets. He pretty much just loves TRUCKS & well....you can only have so many trucks!

And mama? Well, I've got a few things on my list but I don't think anyone will get them for me this year. Guess it can stay there! Oh well. My biggest wishes....
  1. Ugg boots :) And probably some skinny jeans or leggings to pair with em.
  2. A netbook/laptop. I'm not sure which is better or whatever but I"d just like something I can take where I go.
  3. A baby GIRL! :) Guess no one can help me on that one....
  4. Oh & maybe some new clothes.
That's pretty much it...I'm not too big into wanting things these days. I just like to see my boys happy & entertained! LOL


Jessalynn DeRusha said...

LOOVE those boots. Why can't money grow on trees??

Morgan said...

I want some flannel sheets!! They sound dreamy :o) And SCORE on the bike!!! C's 'big' present this year is the Alphie robot. Have you seen those? I really couldn't think of anything to get her and I remembered playing with that thing when I was a kid; I loved it - I hope she does too.

A netbook is basically a large smart phone that can't make calls, not much memory or any of the bells and whistles that you get with a laptop. A laptop is basically a smaller version of a desktop computer. So if you just plan on using it to get on the internet and doing basic things, a netbook is for you. But if you want to store pictures/media, programs, etc., a laptop is best. Hope you get something nice for Christmas!!