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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Skinny Jean Dilemma

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So I bought my first pair of skinny jeans about a month or so ago & have to say, I absolutely love those things.

I think it's sooo comfy to wear pants that gather at the ankle, feels so streamlined.

I never thought I'd enjoy a pair but I guess I put my foot in my mouth on that one I do now.

So during the summer & now into early fall, I still wear my flip flops with them. 

(No I'm not one of those who pairs them with a pair of clunky sneakers (EEEK!)
But in the winter, what do you wear with a pair of skinny jeans?

Oh & besides boots. I'm too cheap to buy those things. I have one pair I got on sale...so it's a possibility.
But what about when I don't *want* to wear boots?

Would ballet flats suffice? LOL I sound so intelligent tonight, not sure what's up with all the proper grammar here.

I need advice! This is for the fashion impaired. I don't dress horribly but I'm not the biggest fashionista. I have to think long & hard to put together an outfit while buying it, maybe it's just because I don't have all the moolah to throw around for a fantastic ensemble. {Who knows.}

Anyway, does anyone know? Leave this girl a comment & help her out!

Much appreciated!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA....

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Sorry I've been quiet lately. Alot of crap is going on in my life lately & honestly, I can't even bring myself to blog about my feelings. Please stay a loyal fan, I don't wanna lose anyone. Promise I can be alot more exciting :) 

A quick note...

Goin to do my Walk For Life tomorrow a few towns away, I'm pretty excited. I raised $125!! That's way more than I expected to raise so I'm glad I can contribute to such a great cause. I get free breakfast, then do an hour of walking around a local park, then a free lunch & free shirts & prizes! Sounds like fun to me! I'm goin by myself too so it will be nice to get away for a little while.


I've ALMOST lost 10 lbs total now! I fell off the wagon for a few weeks & just wasn't goin anywhere on my scale. BUT I didn't go up & that's all that matters! I just hit an even 130 yesterday & hope to get down to 125 at least, then we will see from there! 

And a quickie of cuteness....

Noah's new favorite phrase (he's 22 months) is "I don't want it mommy! I don't want it!" He says this anytime I dare serve him the wrong type of what he wanted or maybe even in the wrong bowl or cup. Ha! He even falls on the floor with a pathetic whimper. But before he does this, he pushes the cup and/or bowl away & yells, "No! I don't want it, Mommy!!" It's so cute, I have to turn away so he doesn't see me giggling. That lil guy is the most talkative babe I've ever known, I love it!

Until next time.... Stick around!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm a WINNER! & new Stride giveaway winner announced!

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I'm SOOOO excited!!

All I have to say is peeps, ALWAYS check your spam folder!!

For some reason, my WINNER email went to my spam folder!

Had I not checked it, I would have been oh so sad. :( This made my week!!
A $40 giftcard to CSNstores.com!
40 free dollars?? Hecks yes.

PLUS I'm still waiting for the item I want to stop being OUT OF STOCK for my review for CSN, yep, I have a $35 giftcard just waiting around...so NOW I have $75 total! Isn't that just amazing?? Maybe I can win another giveaway before my item gets to the warehouse again...

I'm so so tickled pink, it's kinda ridiculous. :D

OH yes & btw...I have now chosen a new winner for the Stride Everyday Panty giveaway...

The new winner is JAMIE.

Jamie, you have been emailed & must reply within 48 hrs or the prize will be forfeited....again. I would hate to re-draw! haha!

Goodnight my readers!!