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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Skinny Jean Dilemma

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So I bought my first pair of skinny jeans about a month or so ago & have to say, I absolutely love those things.

I think it's sooo comfy to wear pants that gather at the ankle, feels so streamlined.

I never thought I'd enjoy a pair but I guess I put my foot in my mouth on that one I do now.

So during the summer & now into early fall, I still wear my flip flops with them. 

(No I'm not one of those who pairs them with a pair of clunky sneakers (EEEK!)
But in the winter, what do you wear with a pair of skinny jeans?

Oh & besides boots. I'm too cheap to buy those things. I have one pair I got on sale...so it's a possibility.
But what about when I don't *want* to wear boots?

Would ballet flats suffice? LOL I sound so intelligent tonight, not sure what's up with all the proper grammar here.

I need advice! This is for the fashion impaired. I don't dress horribly but I'm not the biggest fashionista. I have to think long & hard to put together an outfit while buying it, maybe it's just because I don't have all the moolah to throw around for a fantastic ensemble. {Who knows.}

Anyway, does anyone know? Leave this girl a comment & help her out!

Much appreciated!


Jessalynn DeRusha said...

I think ballet flats are a good idea. Can't really wear socks with them though, so it might be a bit chilly. Or can you? I'm not sure. I'm very fashion impaired as well. :) I've never had skinny jeans and am sure I never will. I'm too OLD! hahaha

Anonymous said...

well if you dont want to go with the ballet flats just find a pointy toed flat or some hott heals(also pointy toed)also ankle boots look okay.

Morgan said...

Ballet flats would look great....and I've seen skinny jeans paired with "shoeties"(?) they look like boots cut at the ankle. I, personally, wouldn't wear them, but people do. I'd wear them with boots or ballet flats :o)

jenn@peacelovemommy said...

I wear them with ballets, flips, and love em with my uggs and dressy black boots. other than that, wear your other pants with other shoes when you dont wanna wear boots hahaha i cant WAIT to wear boots again and not sweat to death