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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lunchtime. The darkest hour.

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Used to be my favorite meal.
Now my darkest hour.
And I blame it on my kids.

Yes, I said it.

Lunchtime in this home has become the worst meal to deal with.
There is always more than enough

and sometimes putting down for a nap withOUT a lunch in the end.

This is mainly directed towards my almost 4 year old.

He wants what HE wants and nothing else.
Which is pb & j. every. day.
No joke.
Now to be fair, I'm not home MOST days because I'm at work.
But when I am, it is all he wants.
To be fair, I usually do give in because I don't want to deal with the behavior.

Well just yesterday I had NO bread, none at all.
So there was no way to make pb & j.
He was not having it.
I made the same exact lunch his little brother was having to be fair.
Leftover fettucini alfredo & shrimp and junk from the night before,
green beans,
and applesauce.
I thought it looked tasty and my 18 mo old was wolfing it down.
But Mr Independent 3 1/2 yr old wanted his pb & j.
After pouting, crying, whining, etc...
he was sent to his nap without a lunch at all.
After mommy pulled her hair out, yelled a little (I'll be honest!),
and was completely exasperated...

Yes, it USED to be my favorite meal...not so much anymore.
Unless ....I'm at work away from the darkest hour.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Songs, Breastfeeding, and My Boys

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Even though I'm super duper busy, I still try to find time to do stuff *just* for me, even for a couple minutes. Sometimes I can forget what I like and who I am if I don't stop and remember that I'm ME once in awhile and not just MAAAAMAAAAA.

So anyway, just wanted to talk about my biggest passions for a bit...

Singing. My absolute favoritest thing to do in my spare time. The funniest thing is that I'm so nervous to sing around people that I clam up and make myself sound worse when I do this....even my own HUSBAND I'm afraid to sing around. I'm just so scared to get my dreams dashed. I have hopes of entering a few local contests but I NEVER hear about them until they're over, for reals. And I guess, in all honesty, I'm just afraid of rejection! I don't wanna hear any criticism (I would never try out for American Idol!)...but I know that's so wimpish of me. HA!

Numero dos. Breastfeeding! I love it soo much and I'm such a huge advocate. I'm a little bit of a 'pusher' and I try not to be but I guess I don't get how you can't WANT to give the best to your baby. I know that sometimes it's not possible and that's cool...but you gotta at least TRY your best. I had suuuch a hard time with Chris, literally could not get a good latch for 2 whole weeks. I sobbed and struggled so hard, luckily I had some support from succesful breastfeeders to learn from...and I did it! For 10 months until he just weaned himself off. Then I was determined with Noah to go for a year but had to start working when he was 5 months old, I fought with pumping and trying a million techniques until he was 10 months and had to give up after a long fight. My boobs just did not like pumps, I couldn't let down anymore. Made me so sad to give up but I felt good to have at least done that much. I have researched SO much about lactation that I once thought long & hard about becoming a lactation consultant but it seems so impossible, especially for a busy mom so I put it off. Maybe one day!

Oh and of course, my baby boys are my passions. [They were pretty much a 'given', so I waited til last] Chris is so much like his dada and Noah seems to be like his mama. Chris is my muscle man, he's a solid little dude with a major attitude we are *still* working on, he will be 4 next month! Noah is a tall skinny sensitive little man, cries at the sound of ANY loud thing! But will tackle his brother with no problem. They are too funny.

So I'd like to share a little snippet of a song I just recorded on my phone tonight. I love the chorus of this song, so beautiful! So I had to sing it. Listen here and give feedback! I can take criticism [I promise.]

Alright, enough about me. What are your passions?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

GTKY Sunday! My first link-up post!

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Time for me to jump in on the fun in the bloggy world and do my first
link-up post! Yay!

If you'd like to participate, head to Ice Cream & Chaos
and grab the questions.

Here goes nothin'....

1.If you had 5000.00 to spend on plastic surgery what would you have done?
Oh man I dunno. I always have all these great ideas but would probably freak out
when it comes down to it. Probably my boobs, since they are super
pathetic after these kids demolished them.
Maybe a tummy tuck?

2. Do you watch Soap operas and if so what is your favorite and why?
Uhm, no. I got a teeeny bit into them after I had Chris because
we didn't have cable [that is definitely the only reason]
but mainly just for laughs.

3. Favorite clothing brand?
Abercrombie & Fitch is at the top of my list foh suuure.
Oh, you mean clothing I can actually afford?
That would be Aeropostale...and sometimes you can find
cute stuff at Target & Walmart if ya look hard enough.

4. An afternoon shopping spree at your favorite store or maid service for a year?
Hands down- MAID. I can live without the best clothes. But hey, it really
comes down to just HOW much money I'd get in that shopping spree..
might be enough to sway my vote.

5. would you ever vajazzle?
Hm, if it involves a sparkly vagina...then no.

6. Favorite Disney Princess?
I'm gonna go for Cinderella. Rags to richy, I love it.

7. Last movie that made you bawl your eyes out?
'My Sister's Keeper' So sweet!

8. Have you ever broken any bones and if so what?
My pinky and only my pinky. My mom didn't believe I broke it though
so it healed a little crooked...haha! No joke.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

B.A.B.Y.....noooot quite.

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Just the sight of a pregnant belly makes me happy. I love love love being preggo. I love the way everyone stares and smiles, ask questions,how you can wear stretchy waisted pants and cute lil belly shirts and just feel beautiful. It's always been my favorite time.

Uh but the LAST thing I want is to be pregnant at the momento. Just *not* a good time at all. Not enough money, not enough space, not enough car-age. [is that a word?? it is now.] I don't wanna wait TOO long before another [no more than 5 year diff between em] so boy oh boy does that add me some stress.

Oh yeah and I don't want another boy. Really....I don't know if I can *handle* another boy! They are soooo crazy. I know, I know, girls can be too. But EEEEEk, I just can't resist those pinks & purples and flowers & polka dots and all the pretties! I wanna have something besides brown. blue. green. gray. black. in my laundry. Next time I'm planning my pregnancy based on the chinese calendar...it's been right both times for me. What about you?

Check out the chart and see if yours match up, lemme know. I'm curious!

Definitely think 3 will be plenty enough for me. Hey, who knows, I might change my mind and not have another...but I can't resist being preggo just *one* more time.

Just had a thought....what will happen to my boobs after another one of those boobie monsters is done with em? They sure have been through alot....and they're not even close to my pre-baby bod. Wouldn't it be awesome if our body's had no after effects of babies? It's kinda like an earthquake leaves aftershocks, am I right?

So until the day of another baby, I will continue to stare and smile at other mommy-to-be bellies and dream of pink.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm Megan, nice to meetcha :)

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I'd like to start off by saying I like to ramble...quite a bit. So buckle up. I also like to complain and I'm pretty opinionated, and I hope I don't come off as ignorant or rude. I suck at designing this blog so I may be recruiting help for that....I'm very confused by this blogging world but I'd love to get more involved with it. I don't have as many hobbies as I would like but I gotta full-time job and 2 crazy boys to make my days hectic. I love my kiddies more than anything, they are Chris (3 1/2...4 next month!) and Noah (18 months). I also have a husband, Leonel, we've been married 4 1/2 years now. Gee wizzz, I feel super old saying that! I hope to make some new friends and have some fun! Thanks for followin!!!