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Monday, June 28, 2010

Songs, Breastfeeding, and My Boys

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Even though I'm super duper busy, I still try to find time to do stuff *just* for me, even for a couple minutes. Sometimes I can forget what I like and who I am if I don't stop and remember that I'm ME once in awhile and not just MAAAAMAAAAA.

So anyway, just wanted to talk about my biggest passions for a bit...

Singing. My absolute favoritest thing to do in my spare time. The funniest thing is that I'm so nervous to sing around people that I clam up and make myself sound worse when I do this....even my own HUSBAND I'm afraid to sing around. I'm just so scared to get my dreams dashed. I have hopes of entering a few local contests but I NEVER hear about them until they're over, for reals. And I guess, in all honesty, I'm just afraid of rejection! I don't wanna hear any criticism (I would never try out for American Idol!)...but I know that's so wimpish of me. HA!

Numero dos. Breastfeeding! I love it soo much and I'm such a huge advocate. I'm a little bit of a 'pusher' and I try not to be but I guess I don't get how you can't WANT to give the best to your baby. I know that sometimes it's not possible and that's cool...but you gotta at least TRY your best. I had suuuch a hard time with Chris, literally could not get a good latch for 2 whole weeks. I sobbed and struggled so hard, luckily I had some support from succesful breastfeeders to learn from...and I did it! For 10 months until he just weaned himself off. Then I was determined with Noah to go for a year but had to start working when he was 5 months old, I fought with pumping and trying a million techniques until he was 10 months and had to give up after a long fight. My boobs just did not like pumps, I couldn't let down anymore. Made me so sad to give up but I felt good to have at least done that much. I have researched SO much about lactation that I once thought long & hard about becoming a lactation consultant but it seems so impossible, especially for a busy mom so I put it off. Maybe one day!

Oh and of course, my baby boys are my passions. [They were pretty much a 'given', so I waited til last] Chris is so much like his dada and Noah seems to be like his mama. Chris is my muscle man, he's a solid little dude with a major attitude we are *still* working on, he will be 4 next month! Noah is a tall skinny sensitive little man, cries at the sound of ANY loud thing! But will tackle his brother with no problem. They are too funny.

So I'd like to share a little snippet of a song I just recorded on my phone tonight. I love the chorus of this song, so beautiful! So I had to sing it. Listen here and give feedback! I can take criticism [I promise.]

Alright, enough about me. What are your passions?