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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lunchtime. The darkest hour.

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Used to be my favorite meal.
Now my darkest hour.
And I blame it on my kids.

Yes, I said it.

Lunchtime in this home has become the worst meal to deal with.
There is always more than enough

and sometimes putting down for a nap withOUT a lunch in the end.

This is mainly directed towards my almost 4 year old.

He wants what HE wants and nothing else.
Which is pb & j. every. day.
No joke.
Now to be fair, I'm not home MOST days because I'm at work.
But when I am, it is all he wants.
To be fair, I usually do give in because I don't want to deal with the behavior.

Well just yesterday I had NO bread, none at all.
So there was no way to make pb & j.
He was not having it.
I made the same exact lunch his little brother was having to be fair.
Leftover fettucini alfredo & shrimp and junk from the night before,
green beans,
and applesauce.
I thought it looked tasty and my 18 mo old was wolfing it down.
But Mr Independent 3 1/2 yr old wanted his pb & j.
After pouting, crying, whining, etc...
he was sent to his nap without a lunch at all.
After mommy pulled her hair out, yelled a little (I'll be honest!),
and was completely exasperated...

Yes, it USED to be my favorite meal...not so much anymore.
Unless ....I'm at work away from the darkest hour.


A Marine's Wife! said...

While Kaleb was here all he wanted was PB&J..no crust. Seriously, and he could eat 2. I feel like all I did that trip was make peanut butter and jelly. I was like please, lets have chicken nuggets. NOPE. Those chicken nuggets are still in my freezer and probably will be for a while lol