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Saturday, June 26, 2010

B.A.B.Y.....noooot quite.

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Just the sight of a pregnant belly makes me happy. I love love love being preggo. I love the way everyone stares and smiles, ask questions,how you can wear stretchy waisted pants and cute lil belly shirts and just feel beautiful. It's always been my favorite time.

Uh but the LAST thing I want is to be pregnant at the momento. Just *not* a good time at all. Not enough money, not enough space, not enough car-age. [is that a word?? it is now.] I don't wanna wait TOO long before another [no more than 5 year diff between em] so boy oh boy does that add me some stress.

Oh yeah and I don't want another boy. Really....I don't know if I can *handle* another boy! They are soooo crazy. I know, I know, girls can be too. But EEEEEk, I just can't resist those pinks & purples and flowers & polka dots and all the pretties! I wanna have something besides brown. blue. green. gray. black. in my laundry. Next time I'm planning my pregnancy based on the chinese calendar...it's been right both times for me. What about you?

Check out the chart and see if yours match up, lemme know. I'm curious!

Definitely think 3 will be plenty enough for me. Hey, who knows, I might change my mind and not have another...but I can't resist being preggo just *one* more time.

Just had a thought....what will happen to my boobs after another one of those boobie monsters is done with em? They sure have been through alot....and they're not even close to my pre-baby bod. Wouldn't it be awesome if our body's had no after effects of babies? It's kinda like an earthquake leaves aftershocks, am I right?

So until the day of another baby, I will continue to stare and smile at other mommy-to-be bellies and dream of pink.


Shell said...

I have 3 boys. I've learned to let go of the pink and purple cuteness. ;)

Morgan said...

First off, yeah, NOT fair! And as for the Chinese chart, it was wrong both times. I was said to have boys, I had girls, lol. I can't wait for a taste of your life!!!

jenn@peacelovemommy said...

holy cats. mines right. but whatev. i'm DONE! no more babies coming out of this!

*i didn't know u wanted more* more power to ya mama!