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Monday, July 5, 2010

What a hot hot day.

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Ughh it is ssssooo horrible out today, like 92 and H.U.M.I.D. I'm so jealous of you peeps who have central AC. I'm upstairs right now and I'm suffering so sorry if this is short. I only have AC downstairs and my computer is in a hole in the wall upstairs, literally.

That's what I hate about Ohio...or maybe just the north in general. Not sure about that. I was born in AZ and man, the heat is sooo nice. No humidity!! Just heat, I can handle that. The sticky, sweaty feeling gets old very quickly.

I finally get a day off tomorrow! This week shouldn't be too bad with work, I get tomorrow off and then a 3 day weekend! That never happens!

I'm having a garage sale here at my place with my mom and a couple friends on Friday, hopefully I can make a few bucks. It's so ironic because it hasn't rained for a week which is pretty unheard of in Ohio and no rain in sight all week....until guess when?? Friday. Let's just hope it holds off until AFTER the garage sale. I never ever get Fridays off! This is my first one in 5 months.

What was with the crazy people today coming to Walmart? Seriously, folks, just stay home if the heat is bothering you because I don't need the anger rubbing off on me. So many people yelled at me & gave me attitude today, I thought I was gonna lose it on one of em. This lady grates on my nerves like a block of cheese & she was pushing it today. I straight up told her she was 'WRONG' and had to leave for lunch for fear of punching her. Walmart is definitely where the crazy people go when there's nothing to do.

Boy I wish I was goin on vacation this year. The closest we're gonna get is going to the Pittsburgh zoo for Chris' birthday at the end of the month. I'm excited! He's never been & I haven't been in yeeeeears.

Well, tomorrow looks like lots of laundry, dishes, garage sale pricing, and MORE...what fun! Just hoping it's not as hot as today! Good night!!

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Morgan said...

Hope you rake in some moolah at the sale!!