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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cake balls & more cake...

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Yum. Cake balls.

Actually, I've never had 'em but don't they sound yummy??

I found em on the net & I'm attempting them tonight...waiting for them to freeze so I can coat em.

I'll let you know how it tastes!!

Sorry I haven't been posting much, worked my 7th day today. Last day tomorrow before a day off.

Gotta bake again (where is this gonna fit in my schedule??) before Tues for Chris' bday cake.

This is the cake I'm gonna aim for...

If I can even make it look halfway decent, I'll be okay with that. I'm kind of a perfectionist though so I might rip out my hair somewhere between decorating it....

Totally stressing about finances lately. Something drastic has to change in our lives but we're not sure what's best yet. Eek....not good. I just wish my hubby could graduate already & get a good job!!!


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Anyway, I'm off to finish my cake balls. I'll update when I'm done & let ya know just how yummy in your tummy they are! Have a great Monday tomorrow!

(Boy was this a randomly interesting post or what??...)


Morgan said...

Never heard of them but you've got me curious!!! And have fun making that cake, Chris will love it, I'm sure.