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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gum isn't healthy for your belly.

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How old were your kids when they could chew gum without swallowing?
I've known several 2 yr olds that could manage to chew & spit it out
when they were finished.

As for my nearly 4 yr old....uh nope.
I had been givin him a piece about every 4 months or so just seein
if he could handle it.
Every time I would explain in detail about gum *not* being food
and that it is *not* meant to be swallowed
so if he was done, to spit it out and give it to mommy.

Within a few minutes, if the gum were lucky enough to make it that long,
it would be gone.

We have a "candy man" (Chris' nickname)
at our church who has a bucket full of candy for after church at the exit.
Chris usually always goes for a lollipop but opted for gum today.
He said, "I'm not gonna swallow it."
I chuckle. "Okay, we'll see."
He shovels it in & I await the imminent swallow.

We are on the way to Papa's house & he announces from the backseat,
"Gum isn't hell-fey for your belly"
Me- "Oh really?"
Chris- "Nope! And I'm still chewin it!"

He's too funny. He kept it in until I asked him to finally take it out to eat.
Almost 4 and he can finally chew a piece of gum.
Now if I could get him outta night-time pull-ups....


Morgan said...

That's so cute! I've only given gum to Sophia a handful of times because it always ends up in my carpet, lol!