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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kids say the darndest things.

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Just a few real-life convos from my favorite kids.

We sit down for breakfast and after eating a few bites of my cereal, I realize Noah's booster chair is turned out away from us some so I turn it in towards the table.

Chris- "Why'd you turn his chair in like that?"

Me- "So he can see us, he was facing away."

Chris- "But he can still turn his head that way and not see us."

Me- (For the sake of ending this never-ending argument) "Okay, Chris, yes he could."

Chris- "I know why you turned his seat!"

Me- "Why's that?"

Chris- "Because you love him."

I told Chris this morning that Nana had gone to the hospital because she wasn't feeling good.

Me- "Make sure you think & pray for Nana alot today, ask God to take care of her."

Chris- "But why? Is she going to go up in heaven?"

Broke my heart to bits. (She's not going to heaven, she's doing okay!)

Chris is nearly 4 & thinks he rules the world at this point, a constant battle for us. Here's a sampling....although you'll miss the real-life attitude that goes with it.

Chris- "I want some juice."

Me- "First of all, you need to ask nicely. Second of all, you just had a whole cup of juice, you don't need anymore."

Chris- "But I WANT some!"

Me- "I'm sorry, you're not getting any."

Chris- "You know...you think you know everything but you DON'T!"

Me- "Christopher, I'm your mommy & I know best."

Chris- "Oh oh yeah?? So..where's the sky?? And where's the lights? And the street? (etc etc etc)"

I guess to be grown up, you must know where all important objects are.


Brittney said...

omg lol he sounds like my 3 year old! Nice meeting you tonight :)