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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


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I have hives & I can't get rid of them! They've been here for 3 days now, HELP!

Back in Feb, my son got ringworm from his babysitter's (now EX-babysitter) & I got this itchy patch on my arm which I assumed was ringworm. I tried all the remedies I could and it never went away, kept getting worse. I even put bleach on it (eek). Finally I went to the DR and he said that was NOT ringworm and quit putting stuff on it, ha! It was an allergic reaction.

I was shocked. I have never had any allergic reactions on my skin, all I have is hay & pollen allergies. So it was hard for me to eliminate what the problem could be. Finally figured out it was Purex detergent & then still, I thought it could also be Hemp tanning lotion. So I quit using both after 3 weeks of constant hives & they finally went away.

Well a few days ago I decided that well, ya know, I'm super pale & maybe I should try the Hemp lotion....because after all, I think it was just the detergent anyway that caused the hives. What could it hurt?

Bad bad Megan. Stupid Megan. It started 3 days ago and has not gone away. How can an allergic reaction last that long is what I wanna know?!?! Does the lotion seep into my bloodstream and stay there? What the heck!!

Anyone have any tried & true recipes for relief? I'm going crazy here and I look like I have chicken pox. So embarassing! I just read an article online that suggested calamine lotion or aloe vera gel & I have both so I'm gonna go give them a go.

Wish me luck!


Busy Working Mama said...

Did you try taking benadryl to calm your immune system? It makes me sleepy so I can only take it over night. Or Claratin or Zyrtec.

Thanks for stopping by - I'm following you back :)

Morgan said...

That sucks girl. I agree with ^^^, try some Benadryl. And stop using the lotion!!!