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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm not lame, I promise!

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Is lame even a cool word anymore? That makes me feel old even having to ask if something is cool anymore. Like I'm 60 or something.

Oh well, anyway...I promise I'm not lame. I don't know when or how I will be uploading pictures to my blog unless they are done by webcam or mobile because my USB adapter is broke on my camera and now my computer has decided to cramp my style & let the memory card port thingy break! What is UP with that? I'm sad.

A few updates....

The cake balls are absolutely divine! I think it might be my new traditional "holiday" treat. It sure was a pain in the butt to make those, lemme tell you!! Tooooo time consuming, which is why I will only do it for the holidays! I mean, who needs time around the holidays, right?

The cake for Chris' birthday....NOT so great. um, yeah. It tasted yummy, yes. After all, it was only an instant cake mix. Decoration to it was frighteningly pathetic. I've never done such a bad job! Trying to do an Incredibles logo didn't work out in my favor. I didn't know that the cheapy food coloring wouldn't be able to turn my icing red! So it was pink. Then I wasn't able to find a black "gel" to line the edges so I bought a squeeze package of "cookie icing" figuring it would be my easiest bet. Not so much. All the colors blended together, everything goo'ed all over. Yuck, not pretty. No one will be seeing pics of that anytime soon!! However, I did take a picture for memories...

Chris had a great lil 4th birthday party! The day wasn't so good leading UP to the party but whatever. I'm over it now. Maybe I need a couple more Valium & then I'll be completely over it. *shudder* He LOVES the Incredibles (And boy they are hard to find!!) but my husband & I & nana & papa all were able to find him some random Incredibles things. He got the DVD, a book, a personalized shirt, stickers, and a bunch of the figurines from my mom. (We found the figurines for .5 cents at a yard sale! And I mean .5 for like 8 of them! He was psyched!) I found an Incredibles costume just like in the movie for $1 at a yard sale! We are frugal, yes. I also got him 6 more Pixar Cars cars to add to his collection, he has a ton of those things. I think I may just love them more than he does...

I also have a review & giveaway coming up so stay tuned! It's gonna be a good one!


Morgan said...

You aren't lame. And if it's not cool to say 'lame', I'll be uncool with you ;o)