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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Run, Megan, Run!!

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So, I finally got off my lazy fat butt & went running tonight.

Literally the first time in over 5 years.

So pathetic, right??

And I wanna send a giant SHOUT-OUT to my friend, Vanetta, for the inspo!

We may have never met & we may live tons of miles apart but you still inspired me to get out there.

I kept putting it off...well, honestly, first I didn't have running shoes or ANY other sneakers
for that matter. So I got another pair...

Then I didn't have any sports bras....so I finally got those today! (3 pk for $11 at Walmart, hecks yeah!)

Then I kept wakin up to my annoying alarm at 5:30 & passin right back out so I thought, fine, I'll try it at night.

And OMG.

This was me right after....

Pure happiness. Bliss. Energy. Oh yeah, & I was a sweaty pig.

But sooo what???

It felt aaaawesome. & I can't wait to do it again!!

Hopefully I can drop 10 lbs, that's all I wanna lose. I don't even know what I weigh at the moment, haven't weighed myself in a good 6 months.

Hmm, now I need to buy a scale....

Stay tuned, maybe I'll start a weight loss meme!


Morgan said...

Good for you Megs!!

Jessalynn DeRusha said...

Good job! I need to get back into it too! I feel off my workout routine back in the spring when I hurt my knee running. Since then I've been LAZY.

Vanetta said...

yayyyyyy! :))))