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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stuck in a whirlwind.

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My life has never moved so fast as it has lately. It's nice in a small way....but just frustrating in most others. The things I wanna do, never have time to become anything but "I wish I could...." All the "musts" push their way to the front. I have alot of "want to's" that are "musts" in disguise but they still get forgotten daily.

Frustrating me even more is the fact that I'm carting my fail of a husband around this week & next until he can get his license back (long story). It really sucks. He works midnights so at 6:30 pm, I have to lug his butt to work & at 7:00 AM, I have to wake up my kids before they even wanna be up, throw them out in the winter cold, all to pick up his butt. I have nothing nice to say about this. He's also sucking all my gas & it's not exactly cheap! He was so generous & gave me $10 yesterday. WOW, thanks, that got me 3 gallons. So nice of you to share. In case you didn't know, I'm getting a divorce.

Back to the subject....

I should have added something to my resolution list (as you can see, blogging daily is one of those things that gets put on the backburner). I MUST turn this into a MUST--->studying for my pharmacy tech license. It's one of those things that was super important to me in the beginning & now is increasingly less important as time goes on. I planned on having my test done & over with by the end of the year. Here we are headed for mid-January & I'm still not completely ready. Walmart is even PAYING for it & I can't motivate myself. Gahhhhh. I'm so scared I'll go there & fail that I just keep putting it off. Guess that doesn't help me.

I have the day off tomorrow & I plan on enjoying it thoroughly :) I love Sundays off!! It's 9pm & I should probably crack open my study book. I'm noshing on Sluggles gummies & being lazy so far...if you haven't tried those gummies, you MUST :)


jenn@peacelovemommy said...

you're a better woman than i am. i'll spare you my indecent unlady like comments about him... im sure you hear enough of it. good things come to those who wait!!

get that test done girl! you deserve respect sincerity and a honest to god good person and people in your life and maybe this is the way into it. Besides you might meet a really hot pharmacist (LOADED$$$$) and you'll never have to worry again!

Morgan said...

I'd like to echo everything Jenn said :o)

You CAN pass that test! If you need daily texts to remind you to study, I'll do it. Just say the word.