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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beautiful homemade organizers?? Yes please!!

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So about a week ago, I won this amazing giveaway.
I really didn't think I would!

I just received it in the mail & wow, it's even more beautiful in person!

I am the lucky owner of this beauty

It is so darn cute. It's actually smaller than I imagined. I was thinking "BINDER" as in school binder. But these are the perfect size, small enough to not be too big & not too tiny. They are clothed in a adorable fabric & embellished at the corner.

The inside is my favorite part. The little individual slots for pens??? Awesome!! She even included the pens :)

Go here to watch a video tutorial she made that explains it all in great detail.

I could have NEVER made up something like this on my own. I'm so excited to start using it! My favorite part is that most of it is able to be used again & again!

They are priced at $45 now that she has re-vamped them into the best they can be. She laminates most of the pages though so the price reflects her costs quite a bunch. She has put sooo much thought & work into these! Head on over to her site & snatch one for yourself!

While you're over there, read her blog & follow! It's one of my favorites.

By the way, isn't she so darn adorable?? I envy her style & gorgeous hair! <3

Thank you SO very much Crystal!!! I love it!


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Those are really cute! I LOVE the paper. I'm gonna have to watch the tutorial!

Morgan said...

Very chic! I love it!!

Morgan said...

Ok, so I just got done watching her video and I gotta say, $45 actually seems like a good price. I had no idea it wasso involved. I hope she sees great success!!