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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello lil one

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Well, finally & officially, after much waiting, I felt the lil one in my belly two nights ago :) I'm so excited. This is the part I look forward to from the moment I get a positive test. Once I can feel it, I feel so much more at ease. I was getting worried because it seemed like it was taking forever but in reality, it wasn't. I felt my oldest at 18-19 wks because he was my first, I suppose. With my youngest, it was 16 wks just like this one. I don't really understand women who say they felt their baby at 9 wks. I mean, c'mon! That is not even physically possible. Drives me nuts. What do you think about it? On a message board I frequent for my due date month, there were many girls who said they felt their baby at 9 wks...10 wks...11 wks, etc. One girl was backing up their claim with this reponse, "Think about it. If you hold a butterfly in your palm, you can feel it. So why wouldn't you be able to feel a live human being inside of you?"

Um...maybe because we have like 2,500 nerve receptors per square centimeter in our hand & I highly doubt there is anything even close to that in our UTERUS!

So far, I am only feelin baby at night when I'm sitting on the computer or cuddled up studying. Just feels like little tickles & bumps here & there. Only 13 more days until the big ultrasound! I'm excited & apprehensive at the same time. I can't decide what's in there by my own "instinct". In my past pregnancies, I've wanted a girl sooo bad, I convinced myself it was a "she"...and was disappointed. Of course, I love  my boys to pieces. and of COURSE, I still want a girl so bad. But something inside tells me it wouldn't be so bad to have 3 boys. It would definitely be insane...it's insane with two! But It would also be fun & boys are easy :) But I long for pink in my life. I'm a girly-girl & I love pink & barbies & dollies & tea parties. Whatever God gives me is what he wants me to have though so I will be happy no matter what!!

I will most definitely update after the ultrasound. Keep thinkin pink!


Morgan said...

Well, you know my girls - just because they are girls, doesn't mean they will be into dolls and girly stuff and tea parties. Everyone tells me I've got boys in girl's clothing; I'm inclined to agree, lol.

BUT, you know I'm hoping for you to have a baby girly. And if it means anything (which it shouldn't - I've got a 50% chance either way), I really think it's a girl.

And about feeling the baby at 9wks. Pffffttt. Whatever. Most people don't even know they are pregnant at that point. AND, the baby isn't even big enough to swim around and nudge you enough to make a noticeable "movement" or "kick". With the three pregnancies I've had, the earliest I felt was with my second at 14 weeks. And it was SO minimal.

Stef said...

I will think pink for you. I love that movement. It is for that reason that I love being pregnant. I love feeling them moving and growing. I swear you can tell their little personalities early on.

Vivian said...

congrats on feeling the baby move, it really is one of the best feelings in the world, one that only women can understand. mine is currently kicking and moving around like crazy nowadays, although i am 34 weeks so she's all cramped in there so who can blame her haha. can't wait to hear the US news =)