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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Outback, work, & yard sales!

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Last night was a good night, different from most Fridays because we usually sit around on our butts (lack of money, of course.)

But Leonel has been selling quite a few Xboxes (& the lil guys were with Nana) so we decided to splurge & head on out to Outback Steakhouse. Oh, yeah, I love me some steak! Yep, violated my diet big time! But it was so worth it.

I got the Outback special- 6 oz steak, fresh veggies & aussie fries (& yes, I got the cheese & bacon on top & a side of ranch! Ack!!)
See that, I got veggies, are you impressed?

Then today, I headed to work as per usual, boring boring Saturday. Anywho...

Before I went, I realized that I was out of coffee & that is just NOT cool for a long day at Walmart hell. So I had to run to Circle K for a quick cup. On my way back, saw a yard sale & stopped. I scored a new lunchbox for .25, a brand new tackle box for $2 (for all of Leonel's tiny itty bitty screws & tools for electronic repairing), one of these....
for only .50! I was pretty stoked.
I'm such a sucker for a good deal.
To top the day off, I came home after a long boring day at work to a spic & span house! Leonel picked up tons of toys, clothes, did the dishes, washed the shower curtain (ew), started laundry, & even vacuumed!
I <3 you darlin.

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Have a great Sunday everyone!!


Morgan said...

Wow! What an awesome husband!!! I'm glad your day was awesome (good bargains, clean house), and that your Friday was extra special. You deserved it!!

Jessalynn DeRusha said...

Wow now yesterday was my anniversary and I really could have used a day like you had. We did NOTHING. Mostly because of no babysitter, no money, and him working overnight. :(

Outback is my FAVORITE especially the cheese fries. I'm missing it like crazy. This diet is starting to get to me!!!!!