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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nice guy in line

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Dear Nice Guy In Check-out Lane Behind Me,

Thank you so much for trying to cover my embarassment by handing me a dollar bill when I couldn't dig out .58 in change & went digging instead for my debit card.

Thanks for taking it back after I insisted several times. I didn't wanna feel like a helpless pathetic girl, ya know! But you did brighten my day a little by offering. I thanked you & I hope you know I meant it.

Thanks for waiting patiently as I went through 3 different types of orders, boy am I irritating.

I apologized for making you wait before I scurried off.


The Silly Blonde Girl Who Wears a Walmart Tshirt

Seriously, though, how sweet was that? When people do simple things like this, it brightens my day & gives me hope for society. After the few angry people I dealt with, having a nice person on my way out the door really flips things upside down.

I'm a simple girl & things like that can make me fall in love with you pretty quick...okay maybe not. But my hubby just has to bring me home a card & I melt in his arms like butter. Who needs Louis Vuitton? (Okay...don't take that seriously, hubby!)


Morgan said...

Aw, that was nice!! Little things like that brighten my days too.