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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diet? Yes please!

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So I've finally decided I should get off my butt so-to-speak & get ON a diet. I'm not overweight exactly but not where I wanna be. Quick timeline if you care:

Before I got pregnant with Chris: 132 lbs
During pregnancy (highest weight): 173 lbs
After pregnancy (lowest I got) :145 lbs
Before I got pregnant with Noah: 152 lbs
During pregnancy (highest weight): 164 lbs
After pregnancy (lowest) : 116 lbs

Now I lost all that weight after Noah within a few months because I was breastfeeding, I think. It's not falling off that easily this time now! I don't want to weigh 116 again, that was too skinny for me. Just left me with no butt & boobs. So I'm aiming for 120-125, we'll see. I'm thinkin 125 will be fine. I'm 139 right now, at least that's what I was at the Dr a couple weeks ago. I don't own a scale....something I definitely need to grab soon. 

So I joined Myfitnesspal.com. A friend introduced me to it & it is the BEST diet website I've ever come across! It's so simple & it's set up like Facebook (& you know I love facebook!). You can even link it to facebook so that it shows your updates there too!

When you sign up to the site, you put in your age, weight, height & goals & it calculates how many calories you're allowed each day. If you workout that day, it adds more calories to your food intake, how cool is that? So the more you workout, the more you can eat! loveee it.

You can search every food you eat & I've found every single thing I've eaten on the list & they are VERY accurate. Most websites discouraged me because all the ones that were logged were way off so I felt no need to try, I just wrote it down myself. This is addicting. I love to go on after I eat or at the end of the day if I've been at work, I log all my food for the day & see how good I've done. 

I highly recommend this site! If you wanna invite, just shoot me your email & I'll invite you so we can cheer each other on! Oh yes, & I forgot to mention, when you "complete your food entry" for the day, it tells you something like this, "If every day were like today, you'd weigh "....." in 5 weeks." Very encouraging, right??

I hope to be fit by the time winter slaps me in the face. Gotta prepare for those holiday dinners!