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Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's My Birthday!!

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I'm old...er  today. A whoppin 23 years! I'm proud of it. I don't think I will be too disappointed until I hit 40, that will be rough.

Today has been fabulous & it's not even over yet. My husband remembered my birthday, which is always a good thing (for him more-so than me).

He told me, "Happy birthday, ya old fart" when he woke up. Thanks honey.

Then he watched the kiddos while my mama took me shoppin for the morning & we went out for breakfast & coffee as well. It was nice & I found some great deals at some discount shops! (Mostly for the boys, but still exciting!)

I received my freebie of 3 Atkin's bars in the mail. 

We then went to Papa's house for ice cream cake, my favorite! Forgetting all about that diet I'm on today (What diet??)

Hubby also got a card for me with gummy bears & twizzlers from the kids.

My mama & papa got me a really sweet card with a couple even sweeter giftcards! Yahoo! Me loves giftcards.

Noah got me a little stuffed puppy that barks...but then he took it back after I opened it. Ha!

Now me & the hubs are home just hanging out until dinner time rolls around, then we're hittin the big city of B-man for some dinner out, I'm thinkin Chili's. Yuuuum!

<3 my family & my friends. I got about a million happy birthday's on Facebook, makes me feel famous! 

Thanks everyone!!


Kel said...

What a fun Birthday!!! Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for joining our Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop. I'm now a new follower. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Happy birthday! And Noah is my FAVORITE name for a boy!

I found your blog through Survey Junkie's Saturday blog hop! Have a great weekend!

Morgan said...

Aw Megs, I'm so glad your birthday was wonderful!! If anyone deserves a good birthday, it's you. And that's so funny what Noah did :oP