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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wow, it's September!

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Guess I've been taking a little blog vacation. I'm a little bummed lately, just nothing exciting to talk about...blahh kind of thing. But I'll get over it!

I'm excited for the fall weather coming, I just hope that we actually have a "autumn" this year, we usually seem to have about a week of nice pretty fall weather & then BAM, freezing cold weather. So unfair! I have several things on my to-do list for fall this year that I haven't done previous years...

1. Visit Whitehouse Fruit Farm for their fall festitivites! Everyone around here goes & I've never been, lots of cute things for the kids to do. They also have the best donuts, like ever.

2. Our new-ish local corn maze that's about 5 minutes from my house. I don't know when they started this but I just noticed it last year & never went. So I'm really really hoping to head there this year! They have 2 different mazes, one is for younger kids & the other apparently takes up to an hour to get through?? I mean, check this thing out!

Do you see how it says 'Safari' in the middle? Awesome!

3. I wanna buy some FALL decorations! My house is so poorly decorated, it's kinda pathetic. Like seriously, the only rooms in the house that have ANYthing on the walls is basically the kids rooms....I just never have the extra moolah to fork over for decor, more worried about food on the table, know what I mean?? Walmart JUST put out their fall decor today as I stood in my pharmacy cubicle right across the aisle watching them, looks so cute & festive!

Yay for fall!! Who else is excited???

I have another giveaway coming up soon so STAY TUNED!


Megs said...

Fall is my favorite too!!! Another thing you should try is Christmas in the Woods!!! If you like to look at craft things, that is. My Mom and I went two years ago, and we're planning to go back this year. It was a lot of fun, and I actually got a couple of Christmas gifts there, and some decorations for myself. Some stuff is spendy, but other stuff is very reasonable... just depends on the vendor. Even if you don't buy a thing, it's cool to walk through the woods all decorated, and look at cute stuff. :)

jenn@peacelovemommy said...

I can't wait for fall, but in ohio. what the hell is wrong with me this year. i miss ohio hahaha.
(until winter)

white house fruit farms ROCKS!

you should check out oktoberfest in Boardman park too. crafts, kids activities and TONS of cool decor.

I get all my fall decor at the dolla store!!

I love fall!