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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Almay One-Coat Nourishing Mascara Review

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Finally a mascara that actually does what it promises!
This stuff is fantastic. No lie.
I have the hardest time finding GOOD mascara & by that I mean the kind that doesn't clump, isn't dry as soon as you open it, goes on easily & is a little bit nourishing too! This product packs it all in one little tube.

The last mascara I bought was a joke. Let's just say I won't be purchasing from Rimmel ever again. Nevertheless, I used it for at least 5 months & finally it got so terrible (if that was even possible), I had to buy a new tube & happily toss this old one.
I searched the makeup aisle at Walmart looking for something affordable (I'm sorry but I don't pay $10 for mascara!) & hoping for something decent.

What I found was my new fav mascara, I don't think I will be buying anything else!
The brush is thick but small: Perfect!
There is a perfect amount of mascara on the brush & it glides on like butter. 
Not a single clump. NONE.
It is the best mascara I've found to coat the lower lashes, they look great!
You really do only need one coat but I still apply two to my top lashes because it's habit.

I'm in love.


Sells for around $6 at Walmart.


jenn@peacelovemommy said...

oooh i may just have to try this. my eyelashes suck. but that lash blast fushion made them so pretty.

also why doesnt your blog show up on my feed? i wonder if its your settings?

Anonymous said...

I use a mascara that cost 15$ haven't found anything better! You are supposed to switch it out at 3 months regardless of how much is or not used! Little eye mites breed and then attach to your eyes which could cause the clumpiness, and also nasty eye infections plus loss of lashes! Keeping it for 5 months eek!

Morgan said...

Pish posh, I'm going to get my dang money's worth and I won't toss out a perfectly good bottle of mascara. I think half the crap they say about make-up is BS, they just want you to buy more, more, more.

ANYWAYS, thanks for the review Megs! I have been in love with Cover Girl's Volume Exact for a couple years now. Some duds have been Cover Girl's Exact Eyelights, Maybelline's Define-A-Lash and Maybelline's Great Lash (a lot of women swear by it, but it just sucks for me). I'll give this one a try soon, I'm always looking to switch it up.

Morgan said...

Correction: I use Cover Girl's Fantastic Lash but just learned it's been discontinued. I bought like 4 tubes earlier this year because they were on clearance....guess that's why. I'll be trying this Almay one sooner than I thought, lol.