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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life is Great!

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Hello friends!!

Just wanted to update a little on my life, haven't posted much lately besides giveaways....which are always fun! :)

Life is getting better each day, I'm so blessed & very thankful for it & all my loved ones in it! Still working full-time in the pharmacy, yes even at 8.5 months pregnant! I can't wait til baby arrives so I can take some time off. As you may know, I became a CPhT (Certified Pharm. Tech) in Feb and wasn't sure when a spot would open up so I could start working as one. Currently, I am a cashier who does a little of both. My boss informed me that when I come back from maternity leave, he's going to move me into the technician position! I'm so excited to finally have a title other than "cashier."

Christopher had his preschool graduation last Monday, I am so proud. He has learned so much since the start of the year, it's amazing. The school is really great & the teachers there are phenomenal! He will be going to big old kindergarten next year, I literally just can't believe it! How can he be in school already??!?

I decided to name the baby Joshua Ryan. Due date is still July 10th but I have this feeling that he will come at the end of June. I'm really REALLY hoping he does!! Christopher is excited, says he can't wait until he comes because he's "gonna love him". Noah keeps saying the baby is "bad" and that he's not going to hug or kiss him...yeahhh, I think we might have a jealousy problem with that one!! 

The weather is finally getting warmer & the rain looks like it just might be tapering off for awhile, yay!! I planted some flowers today in my flower boxes on my porch, hopefully I can keep them alive this year! I also bought a chives plant, just for fun. How often are you supposed to water plants anyway? Every day? And are you supposed to soak the soil or just dampen it? I'm so plant illiterate. Ha!

I do have another REALLY nice giveaway coming up so keep your eyes peeled!! Thanks for reading! MUAH!


Morgan said...

Sorry I missed this one! I'm so thrilled that things are looking up for you, at work and at home. Noah will totally get over it and love his baby brother to death! I'm so happy that Chris is taking on the big brother role and loving his little brothers. How sweet is he ♥ Good luck with the plants!! Question: Does the planter have a drain or hole on the bottom? If it does, water every other day. If it doesn't, water every few days or even less. Check the soil before you water. If it's super wet, don't water. If it's drying out, water it. I bet you'll do great :o)